How To Make Money at Car Boot Sales

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There are many great ways To Make Money at Car Boot Sales. We suggest that using car boots as a source of starting your own business venture is a more than valuable idea. We have been attending car boot sales ourselves for the past few years, and we can guarantee you that it brings in some good money if you know how and what to do.

This is where we come in, in this article we will provide you with all of the information necessary to start your own car booting business. To make money at car boot sales can provide a steady and reliable income to any aspiring business. We cannot guarantee that it will bring in mega money, but the dealing with customers on a face to face basis and basically learning the full value of your stock will come in as priceless experience for any aspiring entrepreneur. As we have said we have been attending car boot sales ourselves for the past few years and not only has it provided a steady, reliable income, but it has been extremely enjoyable throughout. In fact when we first came up with the idea of wanting to make our own business, we started with car boots. It is a great way to build up a kind of customer base, and generally meet new people of which can provide you with business opportunities.

From our own experiences in attending car boots we can tell you that it is probably the easiest way to make money. There are only a few basic things you will need to start your own stall.

Things you need to know To Make Money At Car Boot Sales

Firstly to make money at car boot sales you will need to make sure that you can transport all of your goods and equipment to and from the destination. We recommend that a van or large car i.e. a people carrier or estate car would probably be the best as they can carry larger more valuable items. And of course it means you can take more stock which in turn will mean more money. We however did not use a large car for our own experiences we just used two small cars, which will work just as well. But if you are thinking of doing this then we must stress that you may be incurring two stall charges as you will be using two spaces at the venue.

Secondly you will need to make sure you have the correct equipment to hold your stock on or in. The standard set up for us over the years has been a mixture of boxes, tables and camping mats. These will be your bare essentials to make money at car boot sales, you will not need all of the above however you may just choose to use a single table or even just a mat. It all depends on your intentions of how much you can transport or how much stock you have to sell. As for a table we recommend that you invest in a pasting table/s, they are lightweight, durable and they fold away easily into any car or van. Pasting tables are very easy to acquire, can we suggest that you visit any local hardware or DIY shop and they will more than likely stock them. Or you can just as easily buy them online.

Thirdly and probably most importantly is your stock. There are many ways of acquiring stock. We recommend that as a starter point to just find things in and around your house. As you will be amazed of what you may find, even the things you think may not sell at car boots will. These things that you think not sell in fact are probably the things that car boot buyers look for, so never rule out anything as a possible stock addition. So far as what sort of things you can sell at a car boot your possibilities are endless you can pretty much sell anything that you want, provided your items are within the laws. Please note that we do not recommend that you try and sell bootleg or undeclared goods to make money at car boot sales as there may be some sort of trade inspector on site, and they will not make themselves known to you until you have been caught out. So we strongly suggest that you avoid any kind of trading illegally obtained goods for that reason, as the punishments can be severe.

What Can I Sell?

As for what sort of things you can sell at car boot sales, normally the best sellers are things that have retrospective qualities i.e. items that remind people of past eras such as LP records or action figures perhaps. These sort of things are not only sought after but may be worth a lot of money so it is definitely wise to do your research before you sell it at car boot, as you will probably not get the price it is worth. Other things that sell well at car boots are collectible items such as mantelpiece figurines or even child’s toy trains. We can guarantee you that should you take a box of toy cars to sell for instants you will get asked if there are any trains. Apparently they are rare, and you may need to be aware of that, if you do own any again make sure that they are not worth more than what you might sell them at car boot for. Below is a little list of what sort of things do sell well to make money at car boot sales we suggest you take note as these may be your reliable selling items.

Books – These are always good sellers, this is mainly because your target audience will mostly be middle aged to retired persons who are always looking for the book that may have eluded them. Or are just very keen readers either way books will always provide easy and steady sales.

DVD’s and Videos – DVD’s are probably one of the best things to sell, to make money at car boot sales because they are easy to get hold of, you may have a large collection at home of which most you no longer want or need. These will definitely bring your overall income up because they hold their value well these can be sold at £2 each easily as people are not really too bothered if they have been pre-owned or not. And as for videos again it’s more of a retrospective view. This is because not that many people have VHS (Video) players any more but those that do will buy them. Because a lot of films or whatever it may be have never actually been released on DVD, you again may hold that retrospective item that a potential buyer has been looking for. Or of course the buyer just may still have a VHS player, in which case it is very hard to get hold of VHS videos these days with the influx of DVD’s.

Video Game Console’s and Games – These are definitely good sellers as people at car boots are always looking to get a bargain and they may see the opportunity in these sorts of things. Consoles always sell, from our own experiences we have always taken old consoles be it an Nintendo 64, Playstation 1 or 2, Sega Dreamcast, Xbox or even the old stalwart Sega Mega Drive they have never made it through the day without being sold. The bargain hunters love these items as some are collectible and for others they just hold that retrospective factor of reminding themselves how much they used to love playing it, and in turn buying it from you. As far as the games go these will also sell very well because most of the time if someone buys a console from you they will most likely want to buy some games too. It is also a good idea to maybe try and sell current games that aren’t too old that you may have completed or not play anymore if you want to recoup some money on them.

Quite frankly we could go on. Basically you can guarantee that whatever item you take there will be a buyer willing to take it off your hands one week or another. There are so many things lying around your house that will make money at car boot sales.

Where else can I acquire some stock?

Another great way of getting stock for your car boot stall is to source it from the internet. There are so many options available it would be impossible to fit it all onto this article. But we recommend that you do your research when searching for these wholesale items. There are many places you can get these from, from specialised wholesalers to using online auction sites all will maybe provide you with money making ideas.

eBay is probably your best bet for sourcing these wholesale items as you may find you will not have to pay so much for them as you might at the specialised wholesalers. If you are to use eBay then the category that you will need to search under will be Wholesale and Joblot’s. Here you will find thousands of possible product lines for your new stall. Obviously your aim will be to make sure that you can make money from any orders you make. So again we suggest you perhaps attend a few car boot sales first to see if you can get a feel for what things might sell for, and gauge whether you are likely to make much of a profit from them.

What else can I gain from Car Booting?

Car boot sales can not only bring in cash through your sales on the day, but if you have another business venture outside of that it gives you an ideal opportunity to mix with any potential future custom. We recommend that if you do have any other outside interests that you do attempt to market these. For instants if a customer you sell to on the day walks away happy with the way you served him/her they are likely to come back to you again. And the same principal applies, if you try and pluck up interest in your other project whether it be another shop or website or whatever the chances of that customer coming back and checking it out are a lot higher. What we suggest is that you create some kind of business cards or flyers, and simply place them on your table in the customer’s view you will not need to force them on them, because if they were happy with your service they will pick one up out of their own free will.

There are 100’s of venues up and down the UK that provide car boots on a weekly basis. If you want to know about car boots in you area then simply visit carbootjunctionor yourbooty and this will provide you with the relevant information.

So to summarise we highly recommend that you give car booting a chance it will provide you with a steady reliable income and in some cases can be the difference between paying overheads or not. It is a great platform from which to build your business empire.

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