Make Money at Garage Sales

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Make Money at Garage Sales

In this article we are going to tell you all about how to make money from garage sales. Garage sales are hugely popular all over the world and provide ideal opportunities for local communities to come together. Not only this but they also provide an ideal opportunity for you to make money from things that may not of any value to you any longer.

Garage sales are so popular because they require next to no effort or cost to set up. There are only a few things that you will need to make money from garage sales.

What do I need?

Well if you want to be extra prepared for your incoming customers then we suggest that you invest in some items that are useful for display purposes.

We have attended many garage sales over the years and even ran a few ourselves and we talk from experience when we say that you must be prepared. There are a few things you will need to make your garage sale a more profitable one, firstly we suggest that you invest in some tables for which to display your for sale items. These tables are called pasting tables are readily available at most good hardware stores, for very little cost. You may think that to spend money on extra items defeats the object of trying to make money, but we suggest that if you want to make money from garage sales you heed this advice as you will need to spend money to make money. The reason that tables are important is that it provides you somewhere for you to display your items at a good height for your customers to pick things up. It may seem like a small thing but it is all psychological and your customers are more likely to buy if it is nicely displayed and easily accessible.

We also suggest that you display your items that are too heavy to go on a table, on picnic mats that are waterproofed on one side so that your stock does not get wet on the dewed ground. This obviously depends on how much you are selling on how many tables you may or may not need.

How do I get people there?

Well for you to make money from garage sales you will obviously need to advertise it to everyone in your local area. You should not underestimate how quickly word travels in local communities, so we suggest that you do a few things to advertise.

There are a few ways you can do this but there is no reason why you cannot do all of the following.

Word of mouth – Just simply tell everyone that you see regularly in your local area drum it into there minds that you have an upcoming sale, and they will pass on the word as already mentioned word travels fast. Especially if you sell it to them properly by making them believe that there are some high value items going for rock bottom prices.

Flyers – We suggest that you post flyers to all of your neighbours within a say 2 mile radius. The chances are that only a small amount of them may turn up but the more you give out the more people know about it. You can also leave them in shop windows and or local advertisement boards. You will be surprised how many people read those boards. Or you can also attach them to lampposts and such like in your local area.

Advert in local Newspaper – To place a small ad in your local paper may incur a small charge but it may also bring in a lot more customers. Your local newspapers are very popular with the kind of people that will be attracted to your event.

What can I sell?

This is the easy bit, if you have always wanted a clearout of all your clutter and such like then this will be your ideal opportunity.

You can literally sell anything you want provided that it remains within the law. And to make money at garage sales we suggest that if you have a lot you are willing to get rid of then we suggest you just put it all out on display. After all the customer cannot buy something that they cannot see so don’t hide anything back if you are eventually intent on selling it, as you may lose a customer that was looking to buy that exact thing but didn’t because they could not see it.

Things that normally sell well at this sort of event tend to be low value items like books, cd’s, DVD’s, toys and just general knickknacks. But we suggest that you do not solely rely on these items as the customers turning up may feel aggrieved that they have turned up only to find you have very little variety to sell. If you have feature high value products for sale you want them in the limelight where the customers can see them to maximise your potential to make money from garage sales.

Some good money can be made if you set your stalls out correctly and you have done enough prior advertisement.

Make money from buying at garage sales

If actually running your own garage sale is not to your taste then you can always try and make money by buying items from garage sales…

The objective is simple, you attend garage sales and try and pick yourself up bargains. By bargains we mean rare and or expensive items for a low price and sell them on for there normal worth.

You would need to have a good eye for a bargain on this one but if you do then this may be a better option for you. The amount of rare and highly sought after antiques and such like that are on sale at garage sales throughout the world is staggering. Most of the time the people selling them are not aware of their worth, which if you know your stuff about antiques puts you in the ideal position to bag yourself a bargain.

If you do strike it lucky and manage to pull off the bargain you have been hunting for then you will need to know how to sell it to make yourself some hard earned money.

If it is an antique that you are trying to sell then your best bet is to first get it valued before you take it to any kind of auction. You can do this here and for a small fee you can have your item valued by a proper antique dealer.
You can also sell your items online through online auction sites, we suggest that you go for the most popular, eBay.
You can see how to do this in our guide to how to make money from eBay.

This is just another one of our money making ideas from 100 ways to make money Do you ever think to yourself How Can I Make Money? Why not take a look at all our different ways you can make Money both Online and Offline

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