Make Money with DH Gate

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Make Money with DH Gate

DH Gate is a B2B e-commerce website that connects Chinese suppliers to a worldwide audience, it’s a kind of a Chinese version of eBay selling wholesale products. There are over 10 million product listings from over 100.000 Chinese suppliers.

You will find that items on DH Date are very cheap and a lot of money can be made if you know what to look for and are smart

DH gate get a lot of bad press as there are a lot of fake goods on the site, as they are based in China they do not have to comply with international copyright laws.

This puts a lot of buyers off as they think that all of the items are fake and cheap, but the trick is not to buy any branded goods. There are loads of items on the site that have no copyright attached to them, they are just unbranded goods

How to make money from DH Gate

First of all what you want to do is visit eBay and do some research, have a look at some high in demand products that have no brand attached to them, one great example of this is iPhone covers, They go like crazy on eBay, you can buy 100’s of plain iPhone covers on DH Gate for next to nothing and sell them on eBay to make a profit

This is just an example but to find high in demand products on eBay go over to or if you live in the UK. eBay pulse gives you the most popular searches in all the categories on the site, so if you spend a bit of time you can pick out some high in demand products to buy from DH Gate

Once you have the high demand product in mind, go the main eBay site and do a quick search for the item, have a look at the top sellers, how many they have sold, what the price is etc. Once this is all done you can now go and source those products from DH Gate

DH Gate is very similar to eBay in their listings, they have pictures of the stock a description and each seller has a feedback score,. If you are familiar with eBay then you will work it out in 2 secs.

TIP: Don’t just go for the cheapest on DH Gate, take a good look at the sellers feedback score and our advice would be to pay as much attention to this as the price, it will decrease the chance of you getting scammed if you buy from a trusted seller

Making money from DH Gate is now a lot safer than it was, they now accept Paypal, (If you do not have an account we recommend you sign up HERE) as well as this the payments to the sellers are held until the goods arrive.

Once your goods arrive all you have to do is sell them on eBay or Amazon are anywhere else you want to, it’s as simple as that

This is just another one of our money making ideas from 100 ways to make money Do you ever think to yourself How Can I Make Money? Why not take a look at all our different ways you can make Money both Online and Offline

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