How to Make Money at Flea Markets

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How to Make Money at Flea Markets

In the following article we aim to tell you everything you need to know about Making Money at Flea Markets, otherwise known as swap meets or car boot sales.

So what is a flea market you say? Well a flea market is basically a collection of people who all gather in a designated area, whether it is a field, a warehouse or even some kind of indoor market place. All of these people gather for one reason, to sell items to the browsing public. Flea markets are hugely popular all over the world because of the low set up costs, and the extra incentive of making some extra money from items you no longer need or want. A lot of money can be made at these events because they attract large crowds all willing to part with their money for any possible bargains or rare items they may be able to get their hands on. We have been selling at flea markets for the last few years and we speak from experience when we say that good money can be made.

To make money from flea markets though you will need the bare essentials so far as setting up and transport are concerned.

So what do I need to set up my Flea Market Stall?

Appropriate Transport: Because you may be transporting a lot of things to and from your destination, we recommend that you have appropriate transport for the amount you intend to take. Please bare in mind that it is not only your items you will be selling you will need to transport but all of your set-up equipment itself which we will tell you about. We would say that your best option of transport would be some kind of van, pick up truck or large car e.g. people carrier or estate car. These vehicles will come in very handy as you will need as much space as you can get to fit in all your equipment and stock to maximise your chances to make money from flea markets.

Equipment: To make money from flea markets there are various bits of equipment you will need in order to get your stall up and running. The equipment that you will need are at least one or two fold away tables these are called pasting tables. And these are easy to get hold of for reasonable price at most good hardware stores. You can also acquire these through online hardware stockists whatever your preference is. In addition to this we suggest that you transport your goods in cardboard boxes or foldable plastic box carriers. This is simply for ease of packing and unpacking for the start and finish to your pitch. We also recommend that you take some camping mats to put any stock on that may not all fit on the tables or is too heavy as you don’t want to just leave it on the possibly wet ground.

Stock: This is probably your most important part of your setup obviously because this is what you make your money from. We will tell you the best ways to get hold of your stock further on in the article. But can we suggest that you take as much as your transport will allow, this is simply because the more things you have the more you will sell. It is that simple, customers at flea markets like to root around through your stock and won’t mind if you have a lot to root through. From our own experiences we know that this is a proven technique. Remember any customers that attend flea markets are bargain hunters; they will search high and low to find any potential gem of a buy.

So where can I get some things to sell?

To make money at flea markets we recommend that you gather as much stock as you can to keep you going for a while so that should you sell a lot on your first few attempts you are not left with nothing to go on with. There are a couple of ways you can accumulate stock. We suggest that the best place to start looking is at your home, you will be amazed how many items you have lurking around your house that is expendable to you. Selling things that you no longer want or need can bring in a lot of money because the chances are you have a lot of it, this means you may have some good items that buyers may see as a lot more valuable than you do. Things that sell well at flea markets are such things like:

Books, DVD’s, Videos, Novelty Knickknacks, Collectible Items, Toys, Jewellery and any old electrical equipment you no longer want or need.

If you have a near endless supply of these sorts of things then you will without fail make good money.

There is another way to make money at flea markets, you don’t have to just rely on finding things around your house to sell. Of course there is always the option of buying yourself stock from online sources to sell. There are many options to do this, you can buy straight from an online wholesaler and buy a bulk order of stock that you believe would sell well. Or you can also try and acquire your stock though online auction sites, such as eBay. eBay is full of money making opportunities through buying wholesale or job lot goods , this by the way is the category bulk items will appear in when searching eBay. We recommend that buying bulk items is probably easier and cheaper through eBay because you may have to order set amounts if you buy direct from wholesalers, where as smaller quantities may be available through eBay. Therefore minimising the risk you place on the amount you buy, so far as recouping your cost goes. We recommend that you do your research when investing in bulk orders of stock to make sure that it would sell well firstly but also that you can make a profit from it. If its touch and go whether you will or not its probably not worth it.

So is it worth your time trying?

Yes. We thoroughly believe that taking part in these flea markets is thoroughly worth it. It can provide a steady income which may be the difference between any other business interests staying afloat or not. It really can provide a helpful cash boost to any small aspiring business, in our experience we have used money made from flea markets to pay overheads and other outgoings. Not only does it provide a cash boost to your business but it is thoroughly enjoyable to mix with customers at face level and mix with your public that most stores don’t provide.

Although you don’t just have to make money to benefit from flea markets. If you have any other business interests whether it is a small shop, website store or any kind of sales related business, this can provide an ideal marketing opportunity for that. Its simple all you will need to do is place some flyers or business cards on your stall and any happy customer will willingly pick one up without you having to force it upon them. This can also be very beneficial in many ways for your other business interests, through spreading the name and possibly doing some business with happy customers.

So to summarise there are many different ways your business, or just yourself can benefit from taking part in flea markets. A good steady income can be made very easily, so long as you have the right stock and can provide a decent level of customer service. This is all you will need to make money from flea markets.

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